09 May

Isometrics for massive strength fast

It seems like that if your goal is to build strength without adding on more muscle mass, then isometrics is the solution.

Isometrics can provide you with massive strength gains in a short period of time.

What are isometrics

Isometrics are a form of exercise in which you push or pull against an immovable object.

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25 Apr

Long Blog Posts suck – I have broken the rule and so can you

If you do a search on ideal blog post length, you will find countless bloggers ranting about how long blog posts are the way to go.  They will use Google to support their case. It seems that Google ranks posts which are over 2000 words better than those which are 500 words.

Google is a machine. You need to write for people.

In all honesty, write short posts which provide quality information and stick to one topic per post.

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25 Apr

How to make money with your Blog and why you are not making money

Audio Pod Cast for this post – Why You Are Not Making Money

The chances are that you are not making money with your blog. But that is not the biggest danger. The biggest danger and the biggest cause of failure is that you will quit blogging, as a result of this, and your dreams of saying goodbye to your job will never materialize.

You see, the biggest failure, when it comes to blogging, is not that you are not making money. The biggest failure is that you quit.

Once you quit, you cut off all chances of ever making any money.

So, the first thing you need to realize is that you should not get discouraged and continue blogging. The reason why your blog is not making money is because:

  • It is new
  • It does not have enough traffic
  • You are not marketing it
  • You are not providing your readers with value
  • You are not consistent
  • Your web design sucks
  • Your information is great but your spelling and grammar ain’t

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14 Apr

Proof Read with Text to Speech

Whether you write a blog post, an essay for school, an article for a magazine or newspaper, you need to proof read your work. We all make errors when we write our first draft. Several revisions are needed to wring out errors and to polish up what we have written.

Regardless of how hard you try to proof read your work, there is a chance that some subtle errors will go unnoticed. This is especially true if you are just beginning to write professionally. The realization of this fact is what has allowed people to set up proof reading services. If everyone could simply read their work and wring out errors, we would not need professional proof readers.

However, you do not need to hire a professional proof reader and nor do you have to spend countless hours going over your work to find those hard to spot errors.

Use a free Text to Speech Program to find errors in your writing and to get a feel for how it flows when read out loud.

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14 Apr

Think consciously about what and how you write

When you write for your blog, think about what and how you write. Present your readers with facts, if you are writing a post which provides information, and with information which will prove useful to the discussion at hand.

Do not bore them with frivolous details to increase the length of your post. Value their time and they will value your work. If they value your work, you stand the chance to convert them into loyal readers. Loyal readers translates into greater money making opportunities. Advertisers love to display their advertisements on blogs with a large audience.

Also think about sentence structure when you write. Use simple sentences, complex sentences, and compound sentences to provide variability to your prose and to avoid mannerism.

Understand that writing for the Web is different

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12 Apr

Higher Repetitions for bigger Muscles

Well, it seems that new research seems to support the notion that higher reps with lighter weights will promote more muscle growth than lower reps with heavy weights. This is what I experienced with my squats and this is what new research seems to support.

When I used to squat for high repetitions with lighter weight, my legs began to grow. They grew so much that those around me would ask me why my legs are so big in proportion to my upper body. Read More

10 Apr

Do not perform HIIT (High Intensity Training) in these situations

I like cardio. If you have read my post about Cardio vs HIIT (High Intensity Training) then you already know this. However, I made it clear in that post that I am not against HIIT.

This post, the title of which may give the false impression that I am telling you not to do HIIT, is aimed at certain groups of people. Its purpose is to prevent any injury in these certain groups of people and is not a post aimed at everybody. The intention of the post is not to discourage everyone from doing HIIT in favor of Cardio.

If you fall into any of the following categories, then it is best that you avoid HIIT (High Intensity Training) and stick to steady state cardio.

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10 Apr

Cardio vs HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) seems to be the craze these days. And to be honest, I for one, hate it. It does not work for me. High Intensity Interval Training leaves me exhausted and if I continue to push it, I end up depressed. Traditional, slow, good old cardio does wonders for me.

I feel refreshed and energetic. Cardio also does wonders for my low libido. I feel like a man.

Whenever I do HIIT, on the other hand, I feel exhausted. That, by the way, is an understatement. Whenever I do any exercise in which my heart rate approaches 95% of my maximum heart rate, disaster is waiting to set in. This has led me to the following conclusion Read More

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