Everyone wants to lose weight. Obesity is a growing problem. While everyone wants to shed the pounds which are packed around the tummy, very few realize the basics of weight loss.

This allows scrupulous individuals to sell hard to believe weight loss products and fad diets. Since the average person does not know the basics of weight loss, he believes the gibberish he is told, and gets sucked into trying the fad diet or weight loss product only to discover that it doesn’t work.

This leads to disappointment. Disappointment leads to the false belief that one cannot lose weight. The person gives up all hope of losing weight and leads the life of an obese person with increased risk of developing dangerous disorders such as Cardio Vascular disease.

Losing weight is not only about looking good. Yes, it is true that everyone likes a slim body. However, weight loss goes beyond that. It helps to prevent disease. It helps you to function at the optimal level.

Hence, losing weight is not an option. It is an obligation if you want to lead a healthy life. One of the goals of this website is to help you lose weight. As you will learn, if you stick around long enough, that you won’t be losing weight, but, in reality, you will be losing fat.

One can lose weight but remain fat. The goal is not to lose weight and remain fat, as that poses a greater health risk than being overweight. The goal is to shed fat from your body. You will be surprised to learn that you can shed fat while maintaining a weight which is close to the weight you are at right now!

The key principles involved in the process will be outlined on this website. You will also be given a practical blue print which you can follow to lose fat and become healthy. You will learn about the myths of losing weight and the variables which hamper progress. You will identify reasons why people give up and how not to fall into the trap of quitting.

This page will updated with content pertaining to weight loss. So, bookmark it and keep checking! Fear not. This is not a blog which will shove tons of useless content down your throat. The articles in this section are limited to the amount you need to know to shed the pounds and keep them off.

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